Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days Later: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

I am very surprised that this movie was never in wide release. As a horror comedy this movie easily makes my top ten and I even would rank it up there with Shaun of the Dead. Originally made in 2009 and premiering in early 2010, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, wouldn't see a limited theater theater release till Sept. 30, 2011. It was soon followed by its quiet DVD release a month later. Which is a shame. Don't get me wrong, not everything works in this film, but it is so much better then most of the horror/comedy movies that come through most multiplexes.
Without getting into too much detail, basically Tucker and Dale are two rednecks taking a weekend trip to their own cabin which they both haven't seen before. Along the way they stop at a gas station and meet a bunch of college students. The college students automatically think that because of their strange demeanor around them that they are redneck psychos. This idea is further perpetrated when the group of college students start accidentally killing themselves and it makes it look like Tucker and Dale may have done the killings. The whole film is based on misconception and misunderstanding.
Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine play Tucker and Dale with such aloofness that it's brilliant. I thought almost every aspect of this film worked. If there is one complaint I have, it's when the parody of a horror movie eventually becomes the horror movie. Cabin in the Woods did the exact same thing. In fact this film is perfect for a double bill with Cabin in the Woods. The film is gory but in spite of its gore the humor really does work for the most part.

9.5/10 - Highly underrated. If you saw Cabin in the Woods and loved that movie, you will love Tucker & Dale vs Evil as it plays upon the same themes and tropes. The most amazing thing is how this gem was never picked up for wider distribution because this is a film that even mainstream audiences will love.

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  1. I agree with you; I can't believe this movie wasn’t made out to be bigger than it was. I thought it was hilarious, and every person I've told to check out has enjoyed it just as much as I did. When one of my friends I work with at DISH told me to check it out a few months ago, I had a feeling I would love it based on the brief summary she told me about it. I loved the humor and gore that went along with the whole film, and I thought Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine did a wonderful job portraying Tucker and Dale as well. I’m not one for purchasing movies either, but after renting this with my Blockbuster @Home package this one will definitely be an addition to my DVD collection in the near future. :)